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The Tayside* LGBT Forum consists of agency representatives, individuals and other parties living or working within Tayside (or for Tayside) with a positive and active interest in LGBT issues. The Forum exists to:

1. Provide the opportunity for workers in the field of LGBT to meet on a regular basis as a Forum, and in particular to:

2. Promote greater understanding and raise awareness of LGBT-related issues to the public and relevant bodies.

3. Identify ways of combating discrimination and homo/bi/transphobia within legislation, education, press & media, and work-environments.

4. Promote positive images of Tayside’s LGBT population by, where possible, inputting to education, media, and literature; and through general awareness-raising.

5. Promote and facilitate the involvement of service-users in the planning & development of services.

6. Contribute to the strategic planning of LGBT services in Tayside by ensuring that LGBT issues are included in local authority and health service planning strategies and policy documents.

*Tayside - This means Angus, Dundee City and Perth & Kinross.

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